• Special Mary Wollstonecraft reading list courtesy of Hackney Archive

    At our visit to Hackney Archive on Tuesday 6 June 2019 with Wollstonecraft Walks volunteers a special selection of books by and about Mary Wollstonecraft and Newington Green were laid out on a library trolley for us. We were very excited to see an original publication of 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman' (1792) paired with our very own limited edition art book 'The Wollstonecraft Live Experience !' by Anna Birch and Taey Iohe (2010).
  • Di's Midsummer Night Party 2000

    Funky millennium party hosted by Princess Di, guests include Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) Produced by Fragments & Monuments for Stoke Newington Festival 2000 in Clissold House, London N16. There is a large archive from this quirky project that show beautiful Clissold House before it was refurbished. See Di Sherlock as Mary Wollstonecraft in this image, Di wrote the 'Who is Mary Wollstonecraft?' on the front page of our app. We will post a new archive of this well remembered and sell out event here soon - if you remember this event let us know and we will publish your memories! View film here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qthzgeomgw&t=382s
  • In memory of Ahmet Kamil: High Class Shoes in Newington Green.

    A father and son who were much-loved in Islington and Hackney have died within days of each other after reportedly catching Covid-19. Ahmet shared his expertise of local history with me and Rebecca Mordan from Scary Little Girls for Wollstonecraft Walks 2019. When I visited the shop, I complimented Ahmet on his memorable radio voice and chatted about the dissenting her story at Newington Green. From a drawer in the back of the shop he bought out the Pat Haynes local history book of Newington Green. I was delighted as Pat Haynes book was the first reference to Mary Wollstonecraft and her time on Newington Green that I saw back in the 90’s when the librarian at Newington Green shared this trailblazing publication with me. My children attended the Primary School in the late 1990's when their wonderful head teacher was Christine Yorston. BTW Ahmet attended Stoke Newington Secondary School where my kids also went. We have great local schools! https://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/news/coronavirus-newington-green-cobbler-and-his-father-who-co-founded-hackney-cypriot-association-both-lost-to-covid-19-1-6603908 "click here to download"