• Anna Birch

    Fragments & Monuments performance and film

    Anna combines her professional expertise as a theatre and film director with her scholarly research and activism. Moving beyond the theatre building, she has created a ‘living monuments’ performance and film methodology to both search out and reveal hidden and often neglected feminist biographies and her-stories. She researched her method through site-specific performance and films about the life of early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) showing how this use of multimedia provides an essential link to the performativity of astonishing feminist achievements. Fragments & Monuments performance and film company are delighted to bring you the Wollstonecraft Walks app which includes an archive of our performance, film, outdoor screenings, gallery installations and book publishing since 2000. The archive is all about our heroine and neighbour, the eighteenth-century human rights activist Mary Wollstonecraft!

    Keep in touch and follow our updates for more volunteer opportunities and exciting Wollstonecraft Walks events!

    Anna Birch sitting on the grass on Newington Green
  • Rebecca Mordan

    After graduating from Bristol Old Vic and working in film, theatre and television, Rebecca created her own company, Scary Little Girls, to try and ‘level the playing field’, populating stories with fascinating, diverse female characters. Rebecca has been intimately involved with every aspect of SLG, writing, directing, producing and performing. She is a grassroots campaigner against male violence and frequent guest expert on BBC Radio and Sky News.

    Production hub and arts charity Scary Little Girls hope you have enjoyed this Living Literature Event. If you have any comments, rave reviews or suggestions for the future, we'd love to hear from you.